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Contract signed with the company "Rigoni di Asiagio"

Friday, 16. January 2015.

Minister of Agriculture and Environment, prof. Snezana Boskovic Bogosavljevic and general manager of the Italian company "Rigoni di Asiagio" Andrea Rigoni, signed a contract of lease of agricultural land owned by the state on the territory of Negotin municipality. The Italian company will establish organic production of hazelnuts on this land, covering an area of 190 hectares.


Paid over 30 million grant to help farmers

Friday, 24. January 2014.

During the 2013th The Negotin Municipality was one of the few in the Republic and the only one in the district of Bor, which have paid over 30 million grant to help farmers.
For the 2014  year, with the aim of improving agricultural production and rural development, farmers will again be able to count on the agricultural budget of 30 million.


Construction of children playgrounds through the implementation of CBC project

Thursday, 23. January 2014.

In the Central City Park in Negotin and in the settlement Veljko Vlahovic, the construction of the children playgrounds have started. The total cost of the project is 1.435.450 euros, the lead partner is Romanian Municipalitiy Turnu Severin and The Municipality of Negotin is a project partner.

Cross-border Cooperation project  Serbia - Romania "The development of cross-border activities in the fields of culture and sport", is going to be finished at the end of April 2014.


The " Danube House of Honey"

Monday, 20. January 2014.

European Commission and the Austrian Development Agency ADA are supporting the implementatio of the project "Danube honey house". Negotin Municipality is the Lead partner for the project, together with associations from Veliki Krivelj, Knjaževac, Kladovo, SPOS.


The seventh session of the Economic Council

Wednesday, 25. December 2013.

On Thursday, 17th december, seventh session of the Economic Council of the Negotin Municipality was hold. Council members discussed the draft Decision on the Budget of the Negotin Municipality for 2014 and the draft Rural Development Strategy of Negotin Municipality for a period of 2013th - 2018.


Rural Development Strategy of the Negotin municipality

Thursday, 12. December 2013.

Representatives of the community councils in Negotin Municipality were introduced to the basic guidelines of the draft of Rural Development Strategy for the period 2013 – 2018.


Study Visit to Slovenia

Wednesday, 11. December 2013.

Within a five-day visit to Slovenia, organized by the Municipality of Negotin,all farmers, members of the association of winemakers, fruit growers, beekeepers, households engaged in rural tourism and agricultural school teachers had the opportunity to visit farms and wineries in regions of Postojna and Bohinj and share experiences with their Slovenian colleagues.


"The Danube pearl" presented in Sofia

Tuesday, 26. November 2013.

Tourist and recreational complex "The Danube pearl" in Mihajlovac was presented at the presentation of potential investments in tourism, in the border region of Sebria and Bulgaria, which was held in Sofia.This presentation was entitled "Top 10 investments in tourism in the border region of Vidin - Zajecar - Bor."


Presentation of investment potential in Vienna

Tuesday, 19. November 2013.

The delegation of Negotin municipality, with Mr. Milan Uruković, President of the Municipality, presented the potential of this region. A two-day presentation of business opportunities in Eastern Serbia, titled "Something new in the east" which was organised in Vienna, by the Regional Organization for the Development of Eastern Serbia.



What is Factoring?
The Law that consider factoring , was published in the "Official Gazette of RS", no. 62/2013 of 16 July 2013.  and  entered into force. This Law is expected to improve the functioning of...

Saturday, 28. December 2013.