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LED office

Local Economic and Rural Development Office 


Office activities:


  • Collecting and providing information relevant to local economic and rural development;
  • Implementation of the strategic planning process - development and implementation of strategic documents (strategies, development programs, action plans );
  • Creating of database of SME entrepreneurs, cooperatives, farms;
  • Collecting the  information about of companies, programs, grants and other support to their business;
  • Presentation of basic information to potential investors regarding investment opportunities;
  • Servicing the  investors in creating contacts with relevant institutions;
  • Cooperation with national authorities and regional institutions responsible for local economic development;
  • Giving the information  about the invitation for proposals from national and international institutions;
  • Project preparation and implementation of projects of relevance to local government;
  • Promotional activities.


C o n t a c t


Тrg Stevana Mokranjca no. 1
19300 Negotin, Serbia
Telephone/Fax: +381(0)19 544 171


Olga Predić, economist

Mobile phone: +381 (0) 69 84 82 746

Marijana Djordjevic, graduate tourismologist

Mobile phone: +381 (0) 69 84 82 718

Aleksandar Matic, graduate agricultural engineer

Mobile phone: +381 (0) 69 84 82 829 




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