Friday, 19. October 2012.

Land Management

The Public Enterprise for Land Development


The company organizes the construction of infrastructure of public importance: roads, water and sewage networks, public lighting and performs assignment of building plots for construction.


Price of services


Lease and purchase of land

The starting price for purchase of land, or the starting price for the rental of construction land in the municipality Negotin is based on the basis of a decision of the competent tax authority or other competent authority based on the decision of building land ( "Off. Gazette municipality Negotin " no. 29/2012 ).


  • In the case of lump-sum payments of rent the investor can achieve  a 30% discount.
  • In the case of buing of the land investor can achieve a 30% discount.
  • If the y want,the investors are able to pay all in  installments.

Download: Decision on Construction Land


Construction land


Download: Decision on criteria for contracting the amount of compensation for land



The Public Enterprise for Land Development

Kraljevica Marka 18

Phone +381 (0) 542 329

FAX +381 (0) 547 097





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