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Human resource


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According to the official results of the 2011 census, the municipality of Negotin površiine 1,089 km 2 live 37.056 inhabitants, and 34 inhabitants per 1 km 2 , the municipality Negotin classified as sparsely populated area.


In the town of 16882 people live, which is about 45% of the total population of the municipality, while 55% of population residing in villages
(20174). Out of the total population, 43.37% of the population is economically active.



 Number of population by gender and place of living

  Male Female
In the area of city 8182 8700
In the area of village 9644 10530
Total: 17826 19230



 Source of statistics: Republic Statistical Office

For detailed information on human resources, visit DevInfo online database.




Available labor force is one of the basic resources of our community.


1 Unemployed persons : a review of professional qualifications and sex for October 2015th




2.Unemployed persons: overview by age and sex for October 2015th



 3.Unemployed persons: Review by month and sex for period October 2014th - October 2015th


Source of statistics: The National Employment - Bor






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