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This service can be used to track the status of resolving your case in Municipal Administration Negotin. When submitting the application in the Municipal Service Centre, make sure you take a  registration number of your application.

Please fill out the template presented to you, because it is a necessary precondition for timely and accurate response.

No later than 48 hours from the receipt of the data, on the email address that you specify, you will be provided a detailed response on the status of your case and possible next steps to be taken for its positive resolution.

On the status of the case you will be informed by phone:
019 544 000, ext 187 - for all items
019 547 060 and 547 580 - the applications  in the field of urban planning and construction.




Information on administrative procedures

Registration number of your application:
Detailed description of the administrative procedure:
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Saturday, 28. December 2013.