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 Download: Presentation of investment potential of the municipality Negotin (2,5MB)

Municipal privileges for investors


Negotin municipality has made several decisions in order to attract new investment and to stimulate potential investors .


1. Decision on criteria for contracting the amount of compensation for the regulation of land 

The municipality has adopted the Decision on Measures for the contracting of the fee for arranging  land only 1 dinar per square meter.

Newly established companies and entrepreneurs engaged in production activities , who are  building  objects larger than 500 sqm and employ at least 30 workers can  can pay in installments , with the first installment , in the amount of 30 % of the total amount.

Download: Decision on criteria for contracting the amount of compensation for landRevised text ("Official Gazette of the Municipality of Negotin No.36/2013).


2. Decision on Construction Land

Decision provides that the rent for the lease of building land in public ownership can pay in full or in installments . Tenants that the rent is paid in installments, rent is adjusted with the consumer price index, according to data from the competent authority. In the case of lump-sum payments of rent achieved a 30% discount.

Download: Decision on Construction Land  ("Official Gazette of the Municipality of Negotin" No.29/2012).



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